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Minerals - Germanium

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Nature’s Oxygen Catalyst

Germanium is an exciting trace mineral that improves cellular oxygenation. It helps to fight pain, keep the immune system functioning properly, and rid the body of toxins and poisons.

Supplementing with organic liquid germanium is an effective way to increase tissue oxygenation because, like hemoglobin, germanium acts as a carrier of oxygen to cells.

Japanese scientist, Kazuhiko Assi, discovered that an intake of germanium as a nutritional supplement each day improved many illnesses including rheumatoid arthritis, food allergies, elevated cholesterol, candidiasis, chronic viral infections, cancer, and AIDS.

In 1931, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Wanberg proved that cancer cells couldn’t live in oxygen.

Germanium is one of the most dynamic new discoveries in the realm of trace minerals necessary for optimum nutritional wellness. Germanium raises the level of activity of various organ functions by facilitating oxygen uptake and helping to expel harmful pollutants, disinfectants, and arresting germ activity. Germanium serves as an electrical semiconductor helping to correct distortions in the body’s electrical field.

Germanium is so new of a nutritional finding that it is still being researched for all its possible supplementary applications. Naturopathic doctors and medical nutritionists have used pure crystalloid liquid germanium in their nutritional protocols for low immune system response, low energy and cancer, all of which indicate germanium deficiency. Germanium is believed to act as an anti-cancer agent and cancer prevention. It is effective for viral, bacterial, and fungal infections and candida.

Natural foods sources high in germanium; to be taken in conjunction with liquid germanium therapy: Garlic Onions Shitake mushrooms Raw juice therapy: Carrot 6oz Onion 2oz Garlic 1oz Naturopathic food medicine formulas: Green gorilla Chinese garlic powder Super endurance Naturopathic purification powder South pacific spirulina Homeopathic remedies: Homeopathic oxygen Homeopathic #18 Phytonutrient supplements: Ginseng RNA/DNA Vitamin E complex Suma Gingko Biloba Endurill Super juice plus Symptoms of Germanium deficiency: Cancer Nephritis Hepatic cirrhosis Stroke Brain anemia Liver sluggishness Anxiety Forgetfulness Softening of brain tissue Asthma Hypertension Anemia in extremities Acidosis Frequent colds Low red blood cell count Brain fog Weak heart Oxygen deficiency symptoms Confusion Viral infections Mental disorientation Leukemia Short windedness Circulatory disorders Toxicity Cardiac insufficiency Lack of concentration