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Minerals - Gold

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Nature’s Anti-aging Factor

Gold promotes an up feeling, a general euphoric feeling as it enhances the body’s natural defenses against illness. Gold promotes vitality and longevity. It has been found to improve glandular function. It helps the body to relax. It helps repair damaged DNA. Some people report that after taking gold for an extended period of time, that it raises energy levels.

Gold is effective against joint inflammation. For centuries gold water has been used by the American Indians for tribe members with mental and emotional disturbances similar to our modern day despondency/depression syndromes.

Some symptoms related to gold deficiency: Chills Sleeplessness Sugar addiction Cancer Frustration Glandular dysfunction Obesity Fear of failure Joint inflammation Insomnia Fluoride toxicity Drug/Alcohol addiction Melancholy Fear of old age Feeling down in the dumps Depression Fear of ill health Arthritis like symptoms Heat flashes Brian dysfunction Digestive disorders Night sweats Circulatory disorders Mental anguish Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD)