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Minerals - Magnesium

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Nature’s Tranquilizer

Magnesium is necessary to prevent the calcification of soft tissue. This essential mineral protects the arterial lining from stress caused by sudden blood pressure changes, plays a role in the formation of bone, and carbohydrate and mineral metabolism. It helps protect against kidney stones.

Recent research has shown that magnesium may help prevent cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer. Magnesium helps to dissolve calcium stones, kidney stones, and gall stones. It reduces cholesterol. It is effective in preventing premature labor and convulsions in pregnant women.

A deficiency in magnesium interferes with the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses causing irritability and nervousness. Magnesium is a natural tranquilizer. It is known as the anti-stress mineral. It aids in relaxing nerves, relieving tension, assisting digestion, activating enzymes necessary for protein and carbohydrate metabolism and modulating the electrical potential across the cell membrane.

Magnesium is important in the production and transfer of energy, muscle contraction, relaxation, and nerve conduction. Magnesium aids in bone regularity, is necessary to keep the vertebrae in their proper position, prevent spinal subluxation and to hold chiropractic adjustments. It induces restful sleep, purifies, detoxifies, and purges body tissues, combats acids, toxins, gases, and impurities, neutralizes poisons, and lowers fever. Most importantly magnesium deficiency exacerbates the symptoms of every known disease.

Magnesium is stored in the colon, nerves, and connective tissue.

Natural foods sources high in magnesium: Kelp Sea vegetables Raw goat’s milk Yogurt Cottage cheese Dandelion greens Almonds Raw cow’s milk Blackstrap molasses Individual herbs: Alfalfa Horsetail Catnip Dandelion Phytonutrients/Nutraceutical supplements: Cal/Mag Catalyst Sea cal 24 super minerals Naturopathic food medicine formulas: Sea cal South pacific spirulina Green gorilla Vegetarian magnesium broth Super magnesium broth Some symptoms of magnesium deficiency: PMS Headaches Poor digestion Asthma Depression Rapid heart beat Cramps Gall stones Muscular tremors Vertigo Arrhythmia Organ calcification Anorexia Constipation Muscular weakness Insomnia Convulsions Pulmonary disorder Twitches Hypertension Myocardial infraction Wrinkles Fibermyalgia Irritable bowel syndrome Migraines Heart disease Neuromuscular problems Irritability Chronic pain Confusion Kidney stones