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Minerals - Selenium

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Nature’s Youth Element

Selenium protects the immune system by preventing the formation of free radicals. It is preventive against the formation of tumors

Selenium and vitamin E work synergistically as a team to aid in the production of antibodies and help maintain a healthy heart and liver. This trace element is needed for proper pancreatic function and tissue elasticity. When combined with zinc it may also provide relief from an enlarged prostate. Selenium has been found to protect the liver, especially with people with an alcoholic or cirrhosis history.

Selenium’s primary function is to inhibit oxidation of lipids. Deficiency of selenium is linked to both cancer and heart disease. It is also linked to enervation/ exhaustion type diseases, high cholesterol, liver impairment, pancreatic insufficiency, sterility, diabetes, and inability to recover or recuperate.

Selenium enhances fertility, encourages tissue elasticity, reduces the retention of toxic metals in the body, and protects against cancer.

The people of Norfolk England are said to be among some of the longest living people on earth. Scientists believe it is due to the high concentrations of selenium in the soil. A low level of selenium in the soil has long been associated with higher cancer rates. The lower the selenium the higher the general cancer rate. The higher the selenium in the soil, the lower the general cancer rates.

Natural food sources of selenium: Kelp Yogurt Brown rice Tuna Salmon Wheat germ Liver Chicken Torula yeast Dulse Broccoli Organic meats Garlic Molasses Brewer’s yeast Onions Brazil nuts Naturopathic food medicine formulas: Super yeast Amino acid broth Tiger’s food Good tasting nutritional yeast Irish moss/kelp Grandpa’s blackstrap molasses Selenium broth Naturopathic purification powder Selenium herbs: Garlic Rose hip Peppermint Ginseng Catnip Uva ursi Chamomile Chickweed Alfalfa Cayenne Fennel seed Hawthorn berry Parsley Oat straw Yellow dock Yarrow Fenugreek Burdock root Phytonutrient/nutraceutical supplements: Sea life Chinese garlic Super endurance Selenium complex Blood sugar and energy stabilizer Symptoms of selenium deficiency: Cancer Heart disease Liver dysfunction Anemia Cystic fibrosis Sickle cell anemia Fatigue Age/liver spots Pancreatic atrophy Scoliosis Premature aging Parkinson’s disease Cirrhosis Cardiomyopathy Muscular dystrophy Infertility Multiple sclerosis Immune deficiencies Pancreatitis Heart palpitations Alzheimer’s Muscle weakness