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Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy Natural Versus Synthetic By Robert H. Sorge, N.D., Ph.D. Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Since 1964 Since the introduction of synthetic thyroid hormones in the late 1950’s, the pharmaceutical industry has bombarded the medical profession and the public with an endless array of propaganda relating to the superiority of synthetic thyroid hormone replacement over the natural. This resulted in the almost complete abandonment of the natural in favor of the synthetic. Few medical doctors have dared to challenge or question the synthetic thyroid doctrine in fear of being considered a medical heretic. In retrospect, when we consider that natural thyroid replacement was around well over 100 years before the synthetic, one has to wonder if the medical profession as a whole has given this matter any thought at all. It appears that they, like the “pied-piper,” lead us all into the sea. I’ve been recommending natural Thyroid Hormone Replacement to my patients since 1964. This has been frustrating when some of my patients would go to their medical doctors only to be told to go off the natural that was working perfectly well. And go on the synthetic because the synthetic hormone is controlled in the laboratory, so we can rely on its dosage, therefore its effectiveness. Natural thyroid, they have told us, is impossible to regulate into consistent does, but the almighty drug is perfectly controlled. Once again the orthodox drug establishment has been proven to be dead wrong. They should be compelled to apologize to the naturopathic profession and the public for 50 years of mal-practice but, don’t expect that too soon, but you can be sure they’ll come out with another new pharmaceutical with its usual propaganda. A recent successful lawsuit was brought against Synthroid for their misleading marketing, in short: lies repeated over and over ad nauseatum for five decades. The lawsuit was followed by a number of official statements from the FDA stating that, “No current marketed orally administered lenothyroxine sodium product has been shown to demonstrate consistent potency and stability and thus, no currently marketed orally administered synthetic thyroid product is generally recognized as safe and effective.” The truth concerning pharmaceuticals continue to surface. It took a lawsuit to get the FDA off its duff and almost 50 years to make this statement. Intelligent people, of course, are finally beginning to question the entire system of allopathic drug medicine and its system of poisoning. If they can do this to us with Synthroid for 50 years, just imagine what they’re pulling off with hundreds of other substances they call medication. As a result of the truth being confirmed, we have finally allowed for the resurfacing of natural thyroid hormone as a safe, effective and sensible treatment for thyroid conditions. Desiccated thyroid is hormonally almost identical to natural thyroxin that is produced by the human body. Unlike the synthetic, it is not a controlled substance drug. What Does The Thyroid Gland Do? The thyroid gland produces the hormones that regulate the body’s metabolism. The principle hormones secreted by the thyroid gland are: T-3 (Triodothyronine) T-4 (Thyroxine) Because about 80% of the thyroid glands production is devoted to T-4, thyroxine is often called “the thyroid hormone,” much of the same way estrogen is called the “female hormone.” Nevertheless, T-3 is functionally the more important thyroid hormone. It does about 90% of the work of they thyroid. Proper thyroid function requires conversion of T-4 to T-3, which is the metabolically active derivative of T-4, if the conversion of T-4 to T-3 is impaired, symptoms of hypothyroidism surface. Many Americans have what is considered a healthy thyroid, but their conversion mechanism is not working effectively, thereby causing some of the same symptoms of a thyroid disease. Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism The most common method of diagnosing thyroid function has been the laboratory blood tests. However, most naturopathic doctors have found that these tests, although useful in diagnosing serious thyroid disease, are somewhat limited for determining thyroid function and their results are often misleading. It is not unusual for a patient suffering with multiple hypothyroidism symptoms all of their life, to be told when their tests come back negative, that “they are perfectly healthy and their problem was all in their head.” Part of the problem is the range of what is considered normal is overly broad and their measurement is not sufficiently sensitive. For that reason, in Naturopathic Medicine, we employ not only the medical range, but also what is known as the optimal range. We also show our patients what the perfect number on each and every test should be, if their body was working perfectly. According to Broda Barnes, M.D., one of the foremost authorities in the country on the thyroid, “more information can be brought to the physician with a mercury thermometer than with most thyroid function tests.” At Abunda Life, we teach our patients to test themselves and become more involved in their own health care. Hypothyroidism Symptoms Undetected thyroid problems have plagued people for years and continue to be an underlying cause for a variety of physical and mental problems. Some people have been suffering with undiagnosed hypothyroidism all of their life; some even from birth, without even knowing it. Doctor’s offices are filled with undiagnosed and under-diagnosed cases of hypothyroidism. According to Broda Barnes, M.D., it is the most under-diagnosed medical condition in America. The onset of hypothyroidism is often subtle with symptoms gradually worsening over time. Symptoms can exacerbate greatly with age. To further complicate the diagnosis of this disease, the symptoms of hypothyroidism are varied, affecting each individual differently, often causing medical doctors not sensitive to the nature of this condition to say, “it’s all in your head,” or worse, prescribe psychotropic drugs which only compound the problem. Underactive Thyroid Self Test – Check Yourself If you’ve checked off three or more of the symptoms listed below there is a strong possibility that your thyroid is underperforming. Discuss this with your physician in light of this information. ____ Feeling chilly even at normal room ____ Anxiety or panic attacks or temperature (62 to 68 degrees) claustrophobia ____ Slow, rapid, or irregular heartbeat ____ Low sex drive ____ Menstrual problems ____ Fine or thinning hair ____ Infertility ____ Lack of ambition or motivation ____ Difficulty losing or gaining weight ____ Slow reaction, slow moving, slow thyroid ____ Fluid retention ____ Unexplained weight gain or loss ____ Insomnia ____ Puffiness around the eyes ____ Hives ____ Coarse, brittle, or dry hair ____ Asthma ____ Excessive loss of hair ____ Allergies ____ Dry, rough, or scaly skin ____ Slow healing ____ Depression ____ Emotional Instability ____ Inability to concentrate ____ Intolerance to heat ____ Poor memory ____ Intolerance to cold ____ Can’t sweat, even in hot weather ____ Itchiness ____ Constipation ____ Ringing in ears ____ Respiratory infection ____ Blurred vision or poor vision ____ Prone to colds, flu and infection ____ Swollen eyelids or puffy face ____ Muscle soreness or weakness ____ Loss of appetite ____ Joint pain ____ Lethargy or slow speech ____ Undue fatigue ____ Acne ____ Headaches or migraines ____ Cold hands or cold feet ____ P.M.S. Irritability ____ Brain fog “Unfortunately, most Orthodox Medical Doctors still do not recognize these symptoms as being potentially related to a healthy thyroid function,” Broda Barness, M.D. For this reason, most hypothyroidism is overlooked, remaining undetected until more severe symptoms develop. “In naturopathic Medicine, we believe in addressing an underactive thyroid at early inception, at the deficiency stage rather than the crisis stage,” Robert H. Sorge, N.D., Ph.D. More Serious Diseases When hypothyroidism is not addressed at its early inception, more serious conditions can often result. So many menstrual irregularities and menopausal symptoms are related to hypothyroidism, that if it was ever addressed properly, 80% of the gynecologists would have to seek a new profession. The old medical textbooks going back to the turn of the last century, before drugs became the vogue, made it clear that there was a direct relationship to female problems and the thyroid. In 1914, Dr. Eugene Hertoghe, a distinguished Belgian Endocrinologist noted, “The thyroid gland has a great influence on menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and even uterine involution after childbirth.” In 1962, Dr. Broda Barnes confirmed that “there are many possible causes for menstrual, fertility and feminine difficulties. Among them are ovarian cysts, fibroids and cervical polypo, as well as endometriosis . . . but in the vast majority of women there is no evidence of any organic related problem. What is commonly evident if it is sought is low thyroid function. (This was known 100 years ago.) Dr. Barnes continues, “Forty years ago leading gynecologists were reporting that natural thyroid replacement therapy had cured more menstrual disorders than all other medications combined. Unfortunately, that lesson seems to be largely lost.” Even more unfortunately for many women suffering from feminine menstrual and pre and post menopausal problems, that lesson still seems lost today, 80 years later. In some areas of medicine, we don’t need more research money, but to simply re-read our old medical books. According to Dr. Barnes most menstrual problems including miscarriage, P.M.S. and infertility could be remedied with natural thyroid replacement therapy. In the last two decades, infertility in both men and women has skyrocketed. There are multiple factors contributing to this fact, including malnutrition, environmental pollutants and heavy metal toxicity. All of these interfere with proper thyroid function. There appears to be a connection between unrelated hypothyroidism and infertility. Twenty-five percent (25%) of our young men and women are infertile. Fertility clinics are booming at $20,000 plus per couple to conceive a child. Wouldn’t it make more sense to see a naturopathic doctor first? Heart disease is also related to hypothyroidism. Thyroid secretions control cholesterol levels, which means there is a connection between hypothyroidism and atherosclerosis. Thyroid deficiency can also lead to accelerated blood clotting, setting the cardiovascular system up for a clogged artery, as well as high blood pressure and undue fatigue. All these factors related to improper thyroid function can increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. According to Dr. Ray Peat, “Hypothyroidism whether natural or promoted by the administration of thyroxine, (the synthetic thyroid drug), retarded bone modeling and tissue repair.” Osteoporosis may result from hypothyroidism itself or from thyroxine pills because of their poor conversion of T-4 to T-3. The orthodox medical profession has treated hypothyroidism with Synthroid for 50 years. This drug is a synthetic T-4. Naturopathic doctors have long questioned the value of T-4 only therapy. In fact, a recent New England Journal of Medicine article reinforced the significance of treating hypothyroidism. As one begins to see, sooner or later the Medical profession comes back to Naturopathic Principles. Dr. Mercola states that many people being treated for hypothyroidism with synthetic T-4 are actually being undertreated. He suggests that the excessive reliance on single thyroid treatments, (T-4) and the subsequent blood results that indicate a normal “TSH” level, are the primary reasons for the oversight. Dr. Ray Peat adds that, “if the liver is the main source of the thyroid problem, then synthetic thyroxine pills, which are only T-4, can make the problem worse because the liver is not converting the T-4 to T-3 and the treatment is further suppressing T-3 production from the thyroid.” This is just another example of “tomfoolery” medicine. The natural worked perfectly fine for over 100 years. The big boys from the pharmaceutical monopoly had to get in there with their patented synthetic drug Synthroid. Now, 50 years later it has been proven again that they have been doing more harm than good. The orthodox drug profession has been guilty of 50 years of malpractice and now we’re back to what we were doing since the early 1800’s. Using natural thyroid hormone replacement therapy which contains T-2, T-3 and T-4; a comprehensive supplement, which replicates what your thyroid gland is already producing. Natural thyroid contains an ample supply of T-2 and T-4 as a back-up supply for conversion into T-3. Over the course of 40 years of medical practice the late DR. Broda Barnes noted that many patients who were being treated with synthetic Thyroxine (T-4) complained of residual symptoms, specifically dry skin, weight gain and fluid retention. However, when their therapy was modified to the natural thyroid which more closely resembles what the body produces with the full range of human thyroid hormones, all the symptoms disappeared within two months or less. Imbalances That Can Affect T-4 to T-3 Conversion EXCESSES DEFICIENCIES Nutrition: Nutrition: Junk food diet, excess fried food, sugar, Excessive fasting or detoxification, alcohol, devitalized food, high protein starvation, anorexia amino acids, diet, unsupervised diets malnutrition Heavy Metal Toxicity: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminum Drugs: Trace Minerals: Medications, over the counter antibiotics, Iodine, Selenium, Iron, Zinc recreational drugs, aspirin Environmental Toxicity: Vitamins: Pesticides, preservatives, xyno-estrogens, Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B Complex fluoride, hairspray, electric frequencies, sick building syndrome, air pollution, tap water Hormones Hormones: Estrogen, Cortisol, synthetic hormones, T-3, T-4, TSH Medical Hormone Therapy, Premerian, birth control pills Mental/Emotional: Stress, anxiety, fear, anger, worry Basal Temperature Test Has been proven over the last 100 years to be even more reliable than blood tests for detecting cases of mild to moderate hypothyroidism. Menstruating women should make sue to take this test on the second and third day of their menstrual flow. Here’s how you do it: Here’s what it means: 1. Shake an ordinary mercury 1. The optimal basal temperature is 98.2. thermometer (not a digital) 2. The ideal window is 98.2 never going down as far as it will go before less than 97.8. placing it next to your bed. If your temperature falls within that window your thyroid is probably functioning normally. 2. In the morning upon awakening, before going to the bathroom 3. If your temperature is consistently above 98.2, with as little movement as you may have an overactive thyroid possible, place the thermometer (hypothyroidism) or an infection or an under your armpit and lie quietly overload of toxins. for ten minutes. Record to the 4. If your temperature is below 97.8 you may tenth of a degree. have an under performing thyroid (hypothyroidism) Conclusions Hypothyroidism, according to Broda Barnes, M.D., one of the leading authorities in the country on the thyroid, claims that Hypothyroidism is a national epidemic, and the most undiagnosed and under-diagnosed conditions in America. Many Americans are suffering needlessly, being told they have to live with their problem or worse ,put on psychotropic drugs. Mild and moderate hypothyroidism may be contributing to the lowering of our normal body temperature. In other words, normal does not mean optimal. Subtle hypothyroidism has become the common disease of the 21st century as a result of our junk food diets, depleted soil, heavy metal toxicity, environmental pollutants, over medication, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity and stress. Overt Hypothyroidism is fairly easy to detect, but for the majority of people who have this disease in mild and moderate forms, the diagnosis is often missed, even with extensive blood tests. Once diagnosed, Natural Thyroid Replacement Therapy, Liquid Ionic Minerals, Naturopathic Food Medicines, Botanical Healing Teas, Nutraceutical Supplements, Homeopathic Medicines and healthy raw foods can remedy the majority of symptoms and eventually correct the root cause of this disease. According to Broda Barnes, M.D. 50% of his patients using the naturl thyroid hormones corrected their hypothyroidism and needed no further treatment. Everyone is different. Not all people with hypothyroidism will exhibit the same symptoms. Different people are affected in different degrees. What makes this disorder so perplexing is thyroid hormone levels are not reliable indicators of how good or how bad you feel. Some people with considerable deviations in their laboratory tests results will feel just fine, while other people with a mild deviation will have multiple symptoms. This can be mind boggling to many physicians of the “science only” School of Medicine. There are different aspects to natural thyroid therapy. One is augmenting the T-3 and T-4 itself that your body is presently producing. A second aspect is to feed and nourish the thyroid with its primary and essential minerals and nutrients that it is deficient in. The third aspect is to raise the thyroid’s vibratory rate using homeopathic remedies and microcurrent stimulation. At Abunda Life, we employ a total holistic approach with correction as our goal, rather than a temporary suppression of symptoms. Discuss your symptoms with your Medical and Naturopathic Doctor, to determine if Natural Thyroid Hormone Replacement therapy would be appropriate for you.